You Own it, We Plan it


Do you want to strengthen your financial health and liquidity?! Do you need to know the feasibility of a business or investment?! Do you want to know what your financial future holds for you? Do you want to establish a forward-looking strategy and change plan in your financials?

If you answer Yes! to any of the above, then BWayn is for you. BWayn works for any type of business and individuals, no matter the stage you are at. Whether you need to raise capital, make an internal management decision, make an investment, acquire a business, sell a company, or even manage your home financials.

Built upon +50 years of accumulated experience, BWayn focus on four areas of consulting: strategy consulting, management consulting, operations consulting and financial advisory with great emphasis on corporate finance. It is the ultimate-friendly neighborhood consulting software born to empower businesses and individuals to reach their full profitability potential and financial freedom.

Empower yourself to determine and manage the strategic growth of your enterprise and your home. No need to reach out to overpriced, stiff and sluggish consulting services. BWayn is here for you.

"BWayn commits  to provide sound and innovative financial tools, relevant and reliable to growth and sustainability of SMEs and strivers individuals in MENA, with the aim of assisting business and families in decision–making and financial freedom, adopting the best financial practices and improving efficiency"